XXII Encuentro Nacional de Asociaciones de Tango

Dear Tango friends! 2018 will bring to Valencia the most expected tango festival to all of us!
A festival where all the associations that spread and practice this passion, the Argentine Tango, will get together in an embrace of tango and friendship and for which we invite you all, who feel the same about tango as we do, to join us to participate.
1000 m2 wooden dance floor will be available for you, where you can dance "your shoes off"!
Four days of sharing, meeting, seasoned with good food and drinks and visits to the beautiful Mediterranean city of Valencia!
You are all very much invited to join the XXII National Tango Associations Festival!
Our tango association will do our utmost to organize a good festival, where we all can enjoy!
Let's dance and have a good time!
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